Optimize human movement performance with high speed video, computer vision and biomechanics improves understanding and enhancement of dynamic motion.

Walking Gait

Simple, Fast, and Accurate Analysis of Your Walking Gait
AiKYENYIX introduced a new approach to motion analysis that allows assessment of walking gait performance, and to conduct clinical tests without any wearable but just the use of a smartphone camera.
Indicating the pace of your movement.
Walking Speed
The number of steps you take in a minute, giving an idea of your walking rhythm.
The ability to stay steady while walking.
These assessments, essential in the context of rehabilitation, help physicians and specialists evaluate the patient’s condition and quantify the efficacy of rehabilitation treatments or therapies.

Measures how your foot moves during the gait cycle, including factors like foot clearance and progression angle.
Foot Movement:
The angle of your ankle joint during walking, providing insights into how your foot interacts with the ground.
Contact Angle
Heel strike marks the initial contact of your heel with the ground, while heel off is when your heel lifts off, indicating transitions in your gait.

Heel Strike / Heel Off
AiKYNETIX app analyzes body joint angles during walking to assess gait mechanics accurately. It helps diagnose issues, track progress, and improve mobility

Posture Assessment

What is Posture Assessment?
Posture is the alignment of your head, neck, thorax, and hips. Good posture reduces fatigue and enhances movement efficiency. AiKYNETIX offers posture analysis to support your optimal performance.
AiKYNETIX allows coaches, trainers, and medical professionals to analyze Posture Assessment without wearables or multiple cameras, just a smartphone camera and with real-time analysis and reporting to understand the athlete and or patient progress and improvements.
Injury Prevention and Performance Improvement
Checking how you stand and move helps find any imbalances or weaknesses that might cause injuries during activities. Fixing these issues with specific exercises not only keeps you injury-free but also boosts your performance in sports and everyday tasks
Visual Posture Assessment
When you spot and tackle bad posture, you’re taking a step toward better musculoskeletal health. The assessment helps point you to specific actions—like exercises and ergonomic changes—that can ease pain and improve how your body aligns overall.
Enhanced Functional Movement and Quality of Life
Correcting your posture imbalances leads to improved functional movement patterns, enhancing daily activities and overall quality of life. Individuals with better posture often experience reduced pain, increased energy levels, and a greater sense of well-being.
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