Enhance Your Performance with AiKYNETIX
No Wearables, No Markers, a full biomechanic labs in your hands by using just your smartphone camera & AiKYNETIX App for a full body 3D analysis
Experience a smarter, more precise way to achieve your fitness goals

Whether you're running on track or treadmill, AiKYNETIX provides valuable insights into your performance metrics and helps you stay injury-free
Track Run
Easily record metrics using a tripod.
Treadmill Run
Have a friend record while AiKYNETIX measures your cadence, balance, and running power in less than 60 seconds.
8 Metrics below are all you need
Measure the energy your muscles and tendons, put into your runs, indicating the effort exerted.
Count the steps you take per minute, optimizing your efficiency and reducing injury risks.
Monitor your speed per mile or kilometer, guiding your race strategies and training.
Know how long each stride keeps you in the air, improving your stride efficiency.
Flight Time
Understand how much time your foot spends on the ground, affecting your running technique.
Contact Time
Identify which part of your foot hits the ground first, impacting your running form.
Understand how your foot lands, helping you adjust for better running mechanics & supporting injury prevention
Contact Angle
Get Your Shoe Recommendations:
Step-by-Step Guide to AI-Powered Shoe Recommendations:
Visit our partner's website to access AiKYNETIX AI-Powered Shoe Recommendations, where you can upload a brief running video for a personalized analysis, guiding your shoe selection.

Recommendation Process:
Begin with uploading your run to AiKYNETIX for a comprehensive biomechanical analysis.
Our AI system classifies your profile into one of nine shoe categories, ensuring a perfect match with available shoe models in the store.
Purchase the ideal shoe model for you.
Once you get your ideal shoe recommendation, head to your nearest store to make the purchase!
Our AI will match your running style to one of nine shoe categories, finding the perfect fit for you from our store selection.
Start by uploading your running video to the AiKYNETIX app for an in-depth biomechanical analysis.
Download AiKYNETIX from the App Store
Contact us to integrate this innovative solution into your shoe store today!
Increase Shoe Sales with Our Technology
Find the perfect running shoes easily with custom picks just for you, simplifying shopping and ensuring the best fit for your style and comfort, all while helping to prevent injuries.
The Right Fit Matters
Our technology analyzes your contact angle and footstrike to match you with the perfect running shoes, considering your unique dynamics and preferences for best recommendations.
The Science Behind Your Perfect Fit
Jump Height Assessment
Our cutting-edge analysis provides extensive insights into your lower body power and overall athletic performance
Essential metrics
With the AiKYNETIX app and your phone's camera, we evaluate essential metrics such as jump height, range of motion analysis, and jump trajectory in real-time.
Enhance personalized recovery and rehabilitation plans with real data
Injury Prevention
Design your own training programs based on your jump height, aligning exercises to match your abilities and goals
Personalized Training
Establish baseline movement ability to measure improvement and identify risk factors
Measure Improvement
Gain valuable insights into your performance, allowing for training adjustments based on your individual strengths and areas needing improvement.
Personalized Insights
Record and track jump height measurements to monitor improvements, adjusting training strategies accordingly.
Progress Tracking
Easily access the Jump Height Assessment tool through the AiKYNETIX app using your smartphone's camera.
Improve Your Performance with AiKYNETIX's Weightlifting Assessment.
Form Analysis
Evaluate the lifter’s form during various weightlifting exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, Oly lifts and bench presses.

Lift Dynamics
Measure the speed of the lifts, helping user gauge their explosive power and control.
Achieve greater stability, enhance your performance, and reduce injury risks with personalized feedback on your exercise technique
Your Benefits
Simply use your smartphone's camera to record your sessions, enabling real-time, precise assessments through the AikYNETIX app.
How It Works
Utilize AikYNETIX for comprehensive form analysis and biomechanics insights, including lift velocity assessments. Our system fine-tunes your technique for peak performance.
What We Do
Improve Your Game Across All Fields
AiKYNETIX transforms training across multiple sports, offering customized insights for enhanced technique, performance, and injury prevention.
We supports athletes in tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, horseback riding, and football, providing real time tracking of essential motion metrics.
Improve your serve with shoulder angle metrics, increasing speed, balance, and court mobility.

Boost your jumps, balance, and cadence, enhancing your offensive and defensive performance on the court.
Elevate your serving technique, jump height, and speed, improving your overall game play and reaction time.
Improve your swing, increase shoulder mobility , and perfect pitching mechanics for an excellent field performance.
Improve your swing with attention to shoulder angles, balance, and contact angles for improved performance.
Horseback Riding
Improve your posture, balance, and control for better harmony with your horse.
Boost your running, speed, and balance efficiency for superior field performance.
gain the competitive edge you need to excel in your sport. By analyzing your movement patterns and providing actionable insights, we help you to achieve your athletic goals.
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