About Us

We're on a mission to make human motion assessment available to all!
AiKYNETIX offers a real-time tracking of essential motion metrics, providing personalized assessments to enhance performance, prevent injuries and aid recovery
At AiKYNETIX, our focus is on revolutionizing how human movement is analyzed and enhanced using the AiK app.
The AI algorithms in AiKYNETIX app analyze full-body 3D motion using a single smartphone camera in real-time.
This high-speed video processing, combined with computer vision and biomechanics, creates a new way to understand and improve human movement in dynamic motion.
AiKYNETIX combines AI, Computer Vision, and Biomechanics to transform your smartphone into an advanced motion analysis tool. Real-time tracking and personalized assessments enhance performance, prevent injuries, and aid recovery, all in under 60 seconds.

AiKYNETIX Technology

Predicts Motion Analysis

Delivers real-time motion predictions and analysis, ensuring precise and timely insights into your next move.
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Making Movement Clear

Tracks and analyzes trajectories, pinpointing key motions for enhanced clarity and customized feedback, distinguishing our approach in movement analysis.
The Science of Movement

By adding biomechanics, we achieve 95% accuracy, providing a solid foundation for enhancing performance and preventing injuries.
Using just a smartphone camera, AiKYNETIX's combination of computer vision and AI achieves 80% accuracy.
The addition of biomechanics enhances this to 95% accuracy — all in under 60 seconds.

AiKYNETIX is designed for

healthcare professionals

Our Story

Meet Denis and Anton, the founders of AiKYNETIX!
They first met in 2013 at “Energy Innovation Event” and bonded over shared interest in technology.

Their professional relationship took shape as they worked together on AI applications and various startup ideas. Fast Forward to 2020, during a casual coffee-fueled brainstorming session, Denis and Anton discussed Denis's challenge: the limitations of existing wearable tech in enhancing running form and preventing injuries, a concern especially relevant as Denis prepared for the Boston Marathon.

Anton proposed to combine their expertise and create a solution. This conversation led to creation of AiKYNETIX, an app that uses a single smartphone camera to assess full-body motion, providing real-time video analytics integrated with computer vision, biomechanics, and AI. Through personalized assessments, AiKYNETIX is designed with runners, athletes, coaches, and healthcare professionals in mind by enhancing performance, minimizing injury risks and ensuring recovery.

Denis and Anton share a unique bond as good friends and business partners. Beyond tech, they aim to make sports, health, and wellness better for all.

Join them on this exciting journey with AiKYNETIX!

Meet Our Team
Denis is known for his work in AI and machine learning. With a MSc In Petroleum Engineering and Convex Optimization, he held a position of Senior AI Scientist in a multinational integrated energy and petroleum company. Denis brings a wealth of experience, having made significant contributions to AI research, shared his knowledge on AI as an educator at North American University, and implemented forward-thinking solutions at Wood. One of his notable achievements includes introducing VWDS, an AI leak detection system that not only prevented disasters but also enhanced operational efficiency by 25%.

In his role as the Co-Founder and lead AI Scientist at AiKYNETIX, Denis spearheads a team dedicated to advancing full-body 3D motion analysis. The innovative technology enables real-time video analysis through a combination of computer vision, biomechanics, and AI algorithms.

His passion and commitment to integrate biomechanics with AI continually push the boundaries of technology and revolutionize human motion analysis.
Denis Akhiyarov
Co-Founder & CTO
Anton B. Galvas
Co-Founder & CEO
Anton is an accomplished entrepreneur with an MSc in Petroleum Engineering and an MBA from Rice University. He held the position of Director of Advanced Technology in a Fortune 500 company. Before Co-Founding AiKYNETIX, Anton successfully led a mobile data center company and ventured into electronics repair services, showcasing his enthusiasm for launching diverse products and fostering business growth.

As a Co Founder of AiKYNETIX, Anton is deeply committed to making accessible to all human motion assessment. His passion lies in making this cutting-edge technology accessible to athletes, coaches, and healthcare professionals. Additionally, Anton is dedicated to scaling AiKYNETIX into new markets within the Fitness and Health industries, highlighting his strategic vision and leadership skills.
AiKYNETIX provides
Experience the future of human motion assessment with AiKYNETIX!
Advanced metrics including flight and contact time, cadence, balance, running power, and personalized injury risk.
A precise, efficient, and time-saving solution for motion assessment.

Our Accomplishments

Patent approved
Validated University Houston Biomechanics lab
Rice University Athletic Department
Presented our technology at:
new balance
Pitched at SXSW 2023
Finalist at Code Launch
Google at Startup
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