We are pleased to share recent AiKYNETIX progress


We are pleased to share recent AiKYNETIX progress:

· We are collaborating with The ION, Houston Innovation Center. We completed technology validation in the lab with professional athletes;

· The AiK App is available to iPhone and iPad users;

· We have 50% growth in early adopters for our first AiK mobile app release;

· AiKYNETIX is the finalist in CodeLaunch Accelerator;

· AiKYNETIX computer vision technology is awarded the first project for deploying human motion tracking in Retail Analytics!

· AiKYNETIX is featured in top 5 Startup Innovation Stories for 2022:

· AiKYNETIX is featured in 4 Fitness Trends to watch for 2023:

· Please, join AiKYNETIX at SXSW 2023 Pitch Finals in Austin:

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