AiKYNETIX x Pivo: The Ultimate Training Partnership

AiKYNETIX x Pivo: The Ultimate Training Partnership, Bringing Easy-to-Use Training Right to Your Smartphone

AiKYNETIX app makes your training easier, and accurate! AiKYNETIX brings AI, Computer Vision, and biomechanics to your smartphone. Simple Setup, No Wearables, Accurate Real time performance metrics accessible from anywhere anytime. Use your smartphone, AiKYNETIX app, and Pivo Pod to improve your sports performance effectively.

Here’s what you get:

Advanced Motion Analysis: Track your movements quickly and accurately using real-time performance metrics and joint angles.
Actionable Feedback: Get instant feedback in simple color codes to help you improve your run and workouts.
Enhanced Coaching: Share your training sessions easily with your coach from anywhere anytime via AIKYNETIX App.
Smart Shoe Recommendations: Receive suggestions for the best footwear based on your running form.
Coach Mode: Add and manage users, access detailed insights, and use features offline for seamless coaching.

Start Training Smarter Today!

Download the AiKYNETIX app, pair it with the Pivo Pod, and start your 14-day free trial.
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