AiKYNETIX Integrates with Pivo


AiKYNETIX Integrates with Pivo: Enabling on-the-move 360° Motion Analysis

AiKYNETIX is an innovative app using AI, computer vision, and biomechanics to provide real-time performance insights to athletes, coaches, and sports teams. It analyzes range of motion, joint angles, and key metrics like cadence and balance to optimize movements, reduce injury risk, and deliver personalized recommendations. The app offers a streamlined user experience and is compatible with iPhone 13 Pro and later models.

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AiKYNETIX is transforming any smartphone into a biomechanical lab. The innovative app utilizes AI, computer vision, and biomechanics to deliver performance insights in real time to any athlete, coach or any other sports team. The app is designed for all athletes, coaches and sports teams. By analyzing in depth range of motion, including joint angles and key performance metrics such as cadence, balance and power. AiKYNETIX helps enhance performance, optimize movements and significantly reduce injury risk.
AiKYNETIX brings sophisticated biomechanical analysis to smartphones, offering a cost-effective and highly accessible solution. This technology is now available to all athletes, democratizing high-quality training assistance that was once only accessible to professionals.

Performance Metrics and Understanding Body Joint Angles

AiKYNETIX provides instant feedback on 11 critical performance metrics such as cadence, balance and power, directly through an iOS app using just a smartphone camera. Cadence measures steps per minute, highlighting pace efficiency, while balance and power metrics assess the overall performance stability and strength. This real-time data allows athletes and coaches to instantly optimize training sessions for maximum effectiveness and injury prevention, all without the need for wearables.
Body joint angles refer to the specific angles at which joints are positioned during various physical activities, like running, lifting or jumping. Understanding these angles is crucial for ensuring that the body moves efficiently and safely. AiKYNETIX provides accurate measurements of these angles, delivering essential insights that help refine movement techniques. The app uses advanced algorithms to analyze movements in real-time, optimizing each action with detailed biomechanical insights. This guidance helps athletes improve their body mechanics, enhance their performance and prevent injuries.

Personal Recommendations with AiKYNETIX

By analyzing performance metrics and body joint angles in real-time, the app delivers tailored recommendations to refine areas needing improvement and enhance running form. Additionally, based on your specific movement patterns, it provides personalized shoe recommendations to that optimizes performance and safety.

To help easily assess and track performance, AiKYNETIX employs an intuitive color-coding system:

  • Green indicates optimal performance.
  • Yellow suggests areas for improvement.
  • Red highlights critical issues that need immediate attention.

This visual feedback, combined with targeted advice, ensures all the tools necessary to improve efficiently and prevent potential injuries.

Streamlined User Experience

Easy to Use:

Download the AiKYNETIX app from the App Store, select a plan, and set up the phone on a Pivo Pod in Portrait Mode. Choose an activity, start recording after a 10-second countdown, and perform for 1 minute to capture data. Easily monitor performance in real-time on the “Statistic” screen and review details in the “History” section. The app includes Coach Mode for multiple users, provides real-time feedback, and delivers actionable recommendations. Share sessions with your coach using the ‘Share with Coach’ feature to enhance training effectiveness.
Enhance your performance with AI-powered video analysis — download the AiKYNETIX App today.

Exclusive for Pivo users – 30-day free trial!

Note: The app is compatible with iPhone 13 Pro and later models.

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