Introducing AiKYNETIX

Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts spend a lot of time, energy and money to improve their running performance and cardiovascular fitness. Available fitness and performance technologies for sports – wearables and treadmills are not able to evaluate the work of complex internal mechanisms. Bones and muscles.
A team of experts in biomechanics and data science from AiKYNETIX has overcome this barrier by developing a Video Analytics Solution to track athletes’ exercise in real-time and provide access to performance metrics through a mobile phone.

Whole body motion analysis provides access to better form and performance optimization for all users. The purpose of AiKINETIX Video Analytics is to increase the effectiveness of exercises, improve the skills of athletes and set records, prevent injuries and increase muscle tone in various sports.

The app is designed for runners, running coaches and fitness instructors. We provide real-time feedback using high-speed mobile video analytics with advanced AI hardware. We use a biomechanical modeling approach to predict running strength and power, which is currently not available in computer vision models. It provides privacy for users by storing data on the user's mobile phone. Reach out for early adopters with the link in the description of this video!
AiKINETIX Video Analytics is applicable in many other areas of human activity: Sports Medicine, Workspace safety, Retail Loss Prevention, Retail Analytics and more to come.
Our product is so versatile and multifunctional that we can quickly and easily customize it to meet your individual requirements.

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Feel free to reach out to know more about us at: @aikynetixteam1632