Elevate Your Human Motion Analysis with Precision!

AiKYNETIX is unveiling its cutting-edge Ai-Driven Web Application, designed to deliver the latest features with unparalleled precision.

Precision in Motion Analysis: Our web version is tailored to meet the needs of B2B customers, including physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, sports facilities, universities, and running shoe stores.

Manage Multiple Customers with Ease: Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple accounts. Our web application empowers you to seamlessly manage and analyze data for multiple customers all in one place. Effortlessly switch between clients and provide tailored insights for each individual's unique needs.

Baseline Performance and Injury Prevention Metrics: Prevention is better than cure, and AiKYNETIX is your proactive partner. Our web version allows you to establish baseline performance metrics and track injury prevention parameters with unmatched accuracy. Identify potential issues early and design effective strategies for peak performance.

Recovery and Strength Training Assignments (Coming Soon!): We're not stopping here. In the pipeline, we have plans to introduce recovery and strength training assignments to our web application. Now, you can seamlessly assign personalized recovery routines and strength training exercises to your clients directly through the platform.
Experience the future of human motion analysis with AiKYNETIX Web Application. Join the ranks of leading professionals who trust our platform for comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations.
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