What's new this week?

We are happy to share with you our progress in the last month:

We’re in Turkey!
On March 5, AIKYNETIX joined the Charity Run, the traditional marathon in Antalya, Turkey. Watch on YouTube.

Welcome to AiKYNETIX club in Strava!
Join growing list of Strava athletes who are adopting AiKYNETIX app for their training.

Introducing Kiya Dandena.
We are excited to collaborate with Kiya Dandena, elite runner and coach - two times U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifier, who is advancing AiKYNETIX app for running shoe stores and to minimize injuries for athletes.

Run Safely with Proper Running Form!
We’ve posted our new video on YouTube about injury free running.

Second version of AiK App release.
We are pleased to release a second version of AiK App (Build 100043) to AiKYNETIX Early Adopters! Real-time metrics and body key points are now recorded and saved in the app, which can be viewed in history and exported in CSV tables. Now you can track your fitness even better! Various crashes and bug fixes were also fixed based on your feedback. Read this news on LinkedIn.

100% growth in Early Adopters!
We have 100% growth in early adopters for our AiK Mobile App. We are working on bringing more real-time running metrics. Become a better runner with high-speed video analytics!

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