AiKYNETIX Starts Seed Funding Round to Grow AI Human Motion Analysis

AiKYNETIX Starts Seed Funding Round to Grow AI Human Motion Analysis

Houston, 2/14/2024 – After a great start with our Pre-Seed phase, AiKYNETIX is thrilled to announce the kickoff of our Seed funding round tomorrow. Our goal is to make significant improvements in how we understand and improve the way people move, using our technology that operates on a global scale.


Solving Big Problems: We have focused on the widespread issue of injuries across the entire fitness industry, which includes running and training, catering to amateur enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. Additionally, we focus on serious issues like the risk of falling in older adults, which costs about $50 billion a year in the US.

Easy-to-Use Technology: Our system uses just a single smartphone camera to track movement in 3D with AI, providing instant feedback to help avoid injuries and improve performance in sports or activities—no need for expensive gear.

Affordable for Everyone: Our approach makes getting professional movement advice more accessible and more affordable than ever, challenging the need for costly labs and gadgets.

With the start of our Seed round, we're inviting investors to help us make a big difference in making everyday movements safer and more effective. With AiKYNETIX, we’re making advanced movement analysis available to everyone!

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