Maximize your athletic performance with AiKYNETIX!

Our AI-powered analysis provides real-time performance metrics, allowing athletes to personalize training and track progress towards peak performance. 📈

By leveraging advanced AI and a fusion of computer vision and biomechanics, AiKYNETIX facilitates precise analysis of form and techniques to optimize movement efficiency and mitigate the risk of injuries. 🤸‍♀️

Performance Metrics

What It Is: Performance metrics are key data points that measure aspects like speed, distance, and power, offering a comprehensive view of an athlete's capabilities.
Why You Need It: They enable athletes to personalize their training to achieve specific goals, track progress, and adjust training for peak performance.
Benefit of AiKYNETIX: AiKYNETIX uses AI to enhance performance analysis, providing real time metrics to help athlete and coaches to refine training and improve outcomes.

Body Joint Angles

What It Is: A crucial component of biomechanics analysis focusing on the angles formed by joints during physical activity, assessing movement efficiency and technique.
Why You Need It: Understanding and optimizing joint angles is crucial for enhancing performance, optimizing movement efficiency, and reducing the risk of injuries by ensuring proper technique
Benefit of AiKYNETIX: AiKYNETIX transforms your smartphone into a biomechanical lab with its advanced AI and computer vision, enabling precise joint movement analysis for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

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