Meet Dr. John DeWitt, Ph.D., our advisor at AiKYNETIX!

With over 20 years as a former Biomechanist at NASA and current Director of Applied Sports Science at Rice University, he has contributed to the health of astronauts and continues to drive advancements in athletic performance.

As CEO of a renowned consultancy, Dr. DeWitt's clientele includes NBA, MLS, MLB, and national governing bodies.

With 30+ years of coaching, he has excelled at collegiate, professional, and international levels, earning global recognition for his sports science expertise.

At AiKYNETIX, we're privileged to have Dr. John DeWitt driving innovation, applying his biomechanical knowledge to enhance athlete performance across all training levels.

Welcome to a new era of sports science, where Dr. DeWitt redefines athletic achievement.
At AiKYNETIX, we're thrilled to have his commitment and innovation on board!