🔥 Exciting Update Alert!

🔥 Exciting Update Alert! 🔥 Introducing Build 57 of our game-changing video analytics app, designed specifically for coaches, athletes, and sports medicine gurus! Here's what's new:
- Want to check knee joint angles while on the run? You got it! Our advanced settings now offer the option to display this valuable info 🦵
- Zoom with ease! Enhanced zoom functionality lets you zoom in/out with a simple two-finger gesture. Plus, keep an eye on your magnification level, now visibly displayed 🔍
- Say hello to precision! We've fine-tuned our system to deliver even more accurate metric evaluations 🎯
- Meet our new "Power" metric! Track your mechanical running power in real-time with readings in Watts 💥
- No more calculation hiccups! We've squashed the bug that caused the average "Balance" metric to display incorrectly during calculations 🐞
Get ready to take your training and performance to the next level! 🚀