Enhance your performance with our latest updates on February 8th!

🚀 AiKYNETIX latest updates are here:

✅ Enhanced Video Experience: 🎦
- Capture videos using the front camera effortlessly.
- Gain better control over playback with play/pause functionality.
- Easily share, upload and download videos to and from the cloud at any time.

✅ Advanced Analysis Tools: 📈
- Explore five new summary metrics for improved activity analysis.
- Analyze movements with accuracy using graphing angles mode and its pause feature.

✅ Performance Enhancements: 🚀
- Experience faster and more reliable access to data with an updated database system.
- Benefit from an advanced power model for accurate performance assessment.

✅ Health and Posture Monitoring: 🔍
- Experience our NEW features of posture and neck angles with detection features.

✅ Exclusive Subscriptions Benefits 🤳🏻
- Enhanced Metrics: improved dynamic distance measurements, providing richer insights into movements.
- 360° Auto-Rotating Tripod Tracking: Enjoy effortless recording from any angle with improved tripod tracking, without the assistance of no one.

✅ Improved User Experience: 😍
- Enjoy a smoother pre-session timer screen and session summary.
- Hide key points during sessions with ease to focus on performance.

Download the app now in the AppStore:
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