What does AIKYNETIX (AIK) do?
AIKYNETIX is the first app that uses markerless 3D modeling and real-time video tracking of human motion on the treadmill. Have access to your personal mobile running lab with advanced metrics and insight into your running form.

What problem we are trying to solve?

More runners have an interest in measuring their running performance but traditional trackers and wearables only give you a part of the information. AIKYNETIX accounts for the physics and mechanics of the runner's motion, giving you personalized data on how to improve your running.

Who can use AIKYNETIX?

Everyone! This app is designed for experienced runners, beginners, coaches and anyone in-between. Anyone who wants to measure and improve their performance can benefit from using AIK app.
How does AIK help coaches?
This is the perfect tool for coaches who wants to improve their athletes performance. The coaches get real-time feedback from the running metrics in the AIKYNETIX app.

How do you set it up?
  1. Install AIK App on iPhone.
  2. Record yourself on a treadmill.
  3. Capture running motion.
  4. Measure running performance.
What about privacy?

AIKYNETIX takes your privacy seriously. Our use of real-time video tracking lets us analyze your running without saving any personal data. Your advanced metrics will stay in your history until you decide to delete it. All video processing is done in our app, your data is not sent to the cloud.

How soon can I start?
Be the first try our app by signing up to be our Early Adopter!
The app will be available in the App Store by March 2022.
How do you pronounce AIKYNETIX?
"Ai (for machine learning) Kinetics."