Open vacancies

AiKYNETIX - Video Analytics App for Human Motion Insights
iOS Swift Mobile App Developer
Required work experience: 1–3 years, employment 20-40 hours per week.
  • Develop iOS applications in a team of developers with a defined MVVM architecture.
  • Use of Code Review and Tests during development.
  • Implement product and technical solutions according to the design specification.
  • Designing the code with a well-defined structure and considering readability.
  • Development of software modules for processing video stream and displaying frames with image processing methods.
  • Work in github repositories on the product.
  • Optional experience with continuous development such Fastline.
  • Understanding of the iOS platform and its APIs.
  • Experience coding in Swift language, knowledge of Python is desirable.
  • Experience in creating mobile applications from concept to a finished product.
  • Ability to solve independently technical problems, debug software issues, good communication skills.
  • Understanding of basic image and video processing algorithms.
  • Confident knowledge of iOS SDK AVFoundation, AVkit, CoreML, iOS Guidelines.
  • Experience in working on projects in a team with the partition of the application into separate modules.
  • Remote work
  • Cool team
  • Disruptive technology